District of Columbia State Improvement Grant: Finding the Keys to Student Success!

Supports for Families

The State Improvement Grant (SIG) is committed to creating positive home/school partnerships that facilitate improved academic and behavioral outcomes for the District’s students.

The SIG’s family engagement plan is aligned with the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) strategic plan: Declaration of Education, Strategy 2: Create multiple ways for parents and family members to be involved in supporting students and schools.

In our approved grant application, the SIG stakeholder team identified two critical goals that guide the SIG’s work on family engagement:

  • Goal 1: Provide technical assistance and professional development to enhance teacher quality, administrator knowledge and skills, and the involvement and capacity of families to support education of all students including those with disabilities.
  • Goal 3: Establish lasting, effective partnerships among stakeholders to facilitate the incorporation of evidence-based practices throughout DCPS.

The SIG will address these goals by offering a series of activities that facilitate improvements in the delivery of information and training to families on evidenced-based instructional and behavioral practices. The SIG will also work with participating schools to discuss strategies to create schools that are welcoming to families and that invite them to contribute as respected participants in the education of their children.

Ongoing family engagement activities include:

  • Presentations at school activities (Back to School Nights, PTA meetings, etc.)
  • Close collaboration with Advocates for Justice and Education, the District of Columbia’s federally funded Parent Training and Information Center.
  • Ongoing evidenced-based training provided by AJE for families including
    • quarterly training sessions on reading and behavior development strategies employed in school, evidence-based strategies that can be used by families at home and in the community
    • monthly drop-in support groups will be conducted to offer opportunities for peer support and discussion, and the sharing of evidence-based practices that address specific family concerns, needs and interests
    • annual summer institute for families
    • peer networks for families to convene on an informal basis to share ideas and concerns
    • activities for families in English and Spanish